Songs from the Cyrenians

The Edinburgh Cyrenians group in Inspire 2 worked with Conrad Molleson, Amy MacDougall & Gina Rae, singing and playing music, and writing their own songs. Conrad took some of the group to nearby Sonic Lodge studio to record some of their tracks. Conrad produced the sounds, inviting other musicians to add to the tracks and they were engineered by Chris Hall at Sonic Lodge. The band is now known as The Polycyrenes!

1. She Believed (Annie Greiffenberg/Conrad Molleson)

This song was turned around in a relatively short space of time after Annie agreed to allow herself to be heard. The words were developed from a short poem with added lines, rhymes and a sprinkle of horns.

Vocals: Annie Greiffenberg & Amy MacDougall; Tenor sax: Tommy Pickles; Trumpet: Marcus Britton; Trombone: Tim Lane; Guitar: Chris Hall; Drums: Julius Stelzer; Electric double bass & harmonica: Conrad Molleson.

2. Hand to Deal (Aiden Maxwell/Conrad Molleson)

Aiden penned the opening lines while recovering in hospital. It originally had a swing feel which somehow got squared off in the mix. However, it still bristles with attitude.

Vocals: Aiden Maxwell, Owen French, Leonie Kuetemeyer, Remi Afolayan, Amy MacDougall, Hannah Peat, Gina Rae; Fiddle: Jenny Gardner; Cello & electric guitar: Till Fugener; Drums: Owen French; Bass & acoustic guitar: Conrad Molleson; Keys: Raymond Gerrard.

3. Just the Same (Owen French)

An intense piece of music from the multi-talented Owen, penned in one morning and brought to the group it its entirety.

Vocals, guitar & drums: Owen French; Vocals: Leonie Kuetemeyer; Bass & accoustic guitar: Conrad Molleson; Cello & electric guitar: Till Fugener.

4. Keep Calm & Carry On

Another solid crunchy groove from the C crew with Aiden Maxwell reading, all about life in the Cyrenians flat.

5. Beauty

Amy MacDougall getting the group into the zone…

You can find out more about The Cyrenians here.


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