Inspire 2 is underway!

And we’re off….!! Four groups are up and running: The Bethany Men’s Group (with tutors Scott Murray, Gica Loening & Ruth Kirkpatrick), The Rock Trust (with Amy Geddes & Conrad Molleson), The Alma Project (with Jenny Garner, Alistair Warner and visiting tutors Scott Murray & Ruth Kirkpatrick) and last but not least The Cyrenians (with Amy MacDougall and Conrad Molleson).

We’ve also recruited Matheu Watson as our producer to record the six songs which will be professionally recorded as part of our songwriting project. All groups will also be recording what they’re up to in various ways, and there are lots of exciting ideas about taking the project forward.

This blog will feature contributions from tutors and participants throughout the project, so bookmark us!

Sarah Northcott (Inspire 2 Development Worker)

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