News from the Cyrenians group!

Last Tuesday the weekly music group took place in the city community. Conrad and Amy from the Scots Music Group are visiting us every week from 4 to 5:30pm to go on in collecting ideas, suggestions and recording sounds for our own piece of music or just playing and singing together. Stacey, Karina (both residents from the city) and Annie from the farm joined us and after a short warm up we divided into two teams. Amy was leading the singing group and the rest, headed by Conrad, was contributing by thinking how the guitar, cello, drum tunes or beats can enhance the song. Finally we combined the results and recorded it. When the song is ready we will go to a studio and record what we created. It is always a pleasure to be together and make music in a team. Thanks to Conrad and Amy for providing the opportunity to us and for the effort in keeping this project alive.

cyrenians blog picMUSIC GROUP FROM A DISTANCE!

Earlier this year, one of the group told us:

“My name is Annie and I am a resident at the Cyrenians Farm Community. I have long wanted to sing and find Amy and Conrad’s music group the perfect place to do so, it’s fun and fulfils the five a day rule by getting your weekly intake of oxygen into our lungs.I thoroughly enjoyed preparing for the Open day and am currently enjoying the making a song process. I hope to further this process in the future and am very grateful to those involved.”

Thanks Annie!

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