Inspire at Christmas

Not all the Inspire groups have a Christmas party. For some folk, it’s a difficult time of year. But for others, the music groups are a chance to sing some seasonal songs and celebrate together.

The Alma group spent their last meeting of the year singing all sorts of carols, including a new carol created by the guitar group. And today Inspire was back at the Bethany Men’s Drop-in for their Christmas lunch.

By contrast, the Rock Trust drop-in was resounding to the sounds of The Proclaimers, Johnny Cash and Michelle Shocked.

The Cyrenians had an open day last week, serving mince pies and decorating their tree, and the music group’s performance was the highlight of the afternoon. Along with renditions of Anyone Else But You and Loch Lomond, we all sang a verse of Silent Night in six languages (helped by the volunteers who come from all over the world). This week they’ve been reflecting on the music group…

“So far in music we have sung a few good songs like Loch Lomond, which I loved!” (Raymond, resident)

“At first I wasn’t so enthusiastic on playing the guitar but after some perseverance I’m slowly getting the hang of it.” (Sarah, resident)

“I really enjoyed the music sessions…The way we learned it was very interesting because we focused on practice rather than theory. It was also the occasion to create new bonds with other volunteers and residents.” (Raf, volunteer)

Inspire would like to wish everyone a safe, warm and peaceful holiday season, and we look forward to much more music in 2013.



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